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nov. 26, 2009

Highway Africa ICT Journalism Workshop



L'un des groupes de travail


Dans le cadre de notre formation, dont je vous ai parlé dans les posts précédents, nous avons effectué une sortie pour prendre la température de la petite ville de Grahamstown (Afrique du Sud) par rapport aux grands évènements de l'année 2010. Il était question pour nous d'allier textes, sons et images sur un blog que nous aurions choisi pour le reporting. Je vous propose donc notre travail, que nous avons choisi de mettre en ligne sur le blog de notre camarade et coordinatrice Moagisi Lethlaku. Vous pouvez juste cliquer ici.

nov. 25, 2009

Buses troubles in Jo'burg

« It is tragic that it is going to stop, but what else can we do if there are no passengers? » said a dispatch officer about the circular-route in the arteries C3 and C4 which link Newtown, Braamfontein and Hillbrow in the busy city centre of Johannesburg.

This transport link which began operating about two months ago will remain closed until early next year. As the officer the driver are very sad about this situation but they can’t continue because there are no more passengers as The 80-seater bus driver Mabasa said “The highest number of people I have ever carried since the beginning of the route is eight ”.





We just can understand why people are not interest on taking bus to going back home. Drivers are wondering to know if people are scared or if they are just not informed of that new way of transport.

All the projections of the officials are going down because of this reality: instead of 5000 passengers a day as they were saying there are just 200 passengers the drivers had.

The closing of this circular-route will put an end of the drivers’ troubles and shame but will also bring out the question of the real need of the populations. There are some regular passengers who did not agree with the decision of closing, they don’t want to be the victims of the system. And the other problem is to know why did the officials just launch this circular-route without look at all the eventualities. Is it on any oppression that they had to do it?

What are your opinions?