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mai 16, 2014

5 Secrets To Engaging Aspirational Consumers



This new class of shoppers cares about style, status, and doing right by the planet. Here's how to reach them.

For decades, the green movement has been chasing the wrong ball. If only we could cultivate so-called “advocates” (pejoratively dubbed “treehuggers”) then we could scale the market for sustainable goods and tip the business paradigm toward more conscious capitalism.

Wishful thinking. The data couldn’t be clearer: Advocates will never be more than 20% of the consuming public. But that’s okay. There’s a new kid in town, one who cares about style and shopping and status and . . . wait for it . . . doing right by the planet.

The discovery in 2013 of a high-velocity segment that BBMG and Globescan have named Aspirational consumers is significant for many reasons, but mainly because they are the largest consumer segment globally (39% of the population representing nearly 2 billion people) and the first to unite materialism, sustainability, and cultural influence.

In short, they are the most critical audience to reach and engage if we want to drive sustainable behavior change at scale: Aspirationals love to shop, want to consume less, and have a more holistic view of happiness beyond material possessions.

But this article isn’t about the research, which you can find here. It’s about what it means for brand marketers looking to drive greater loyalty and market share through more disruptive business strategies and delightful brand experiences.

How might we make cool stuff better, and better stuff cool (to paraphrase our client Ekocycle’s founder We believe winning brands in the 21st century will align sustainable innovation, product development, and marketing to have a profound impact on the next generation of shoppers.

So here are five ways to reach, engage and unleash the Aspirationals to drive business growth and positive social impact.

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